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Diggerz Mania

Are any of us truly sane?

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17 February 1971
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  • Digzmania 101: I'm 46 Years old, married, with a 13 year old son (Jack, aka Boogie), a 11 year old daughter (Delaney, aka Dini), and a wonderful wife (Karen, aka Bubbie Bee). My name is Dwight, but friends and people on the net call me Digger.

  • Education: I'm College educated in Elementary Education with a minor in Developmental psychology. Since I use neither of these degree programs in my current job, I'd love to go back to school to complete a degree in business management or human resources.

  • On the Web: In addition to web surfing and online interaction, I have had a creative presence on the WWW. internet since 1994. I have had several websites in the past, but nothing currently being updated on a regular basis. My latest project was on http://digzmania.tripod.com

  • My 'Secret Identity': I Love to talk and learn from others with similar interests, and I have a particular disposition for exploring fetish/fantasy related topics (as you can see from my interests list below), but my primary purpose in this journal is to vent and document my various thoughts, feelings, and mood swings. If you see a thread that interests you, please feel free to jump in and comment or engage me in discussion.

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