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Will you PLEASE give me a Haircut?

Dearest Bubbie Bee,

Six years and two months ago, you made me a promise that you would give me a sexy and erotic haircut; to be my fantasy Barberette while cutting off all of my hair, and then shaving my head completely bald.

I still hope and pray, nearly every day, that you will eventually keep that promise; and will soon Shave My Head Bald.

Next month, I think I'll got renew my driver's license early. As long as it is within 6 months of when the license is due to be renewed, they go ahead and take a new photo, and just start the 7 year renewal period from that nearest birthday.

Once I have that, I would love for you to finally decide a date and time for you to give me that haircut. I want you to do all of the things you have mentioned over the past years, like having fun and "playing with the scissors" before taking the clippers to my head. Maybe give me a revenge bob cut, for all of the times I haven't quite gotten yours right. Then give me a "Brad cut." Take it down to a long buzz cut, followed by a high-n-tight. Then finally taking it all the way off down to a soft skin tight clipper shave. Lather me up, and make me as smooth as you can get it.

I would like to ask for one favor. The first time you cut my hair off, right after we were married, you had really sexy intense dark red hair. Could I please, sometime in the next week or so, color your hair with the RR04 Intense dark red hair color?

I love that color on you so much. It is so incredibly sexy on you.

I would give anything in the world to have you be a SEXY Blonde Barberette, but I seriously doubt you would go for that, so I'll not even bother asking. I really do miss your blonde hair, though. That would be so amazingly intense. Seeing your blonde bobbed hair bouncing around your gorgeous face while my hair goes falling to the floor.

Any way, I begged for that blonde barberette scenario for over a year, and my pleas went ignored; so I don't have any delusions or illusions that it could/would happen now.

To be honest, I'm fairly certain that my current request (to have you cut my hair) will go ignored as well, but I'll continue to ask. Maybe one day a miracle will happen, and you'll notice me, or hear my plea for your attentions and affections.

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