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My tweets - NIGHTMARES

  • Mon, 01:23: https://t.co/PbDl0WVzPu


    Nightmares sneaking in my bed
    Living Life over in my head
    Causing all the fear to come back alive
    Bringing back memories with such drive
    In them, someone (Neal) always after me
    Why can't they let me go and let me be free
    Afraid to go to sleep at night
    They will start and cause such fright.

    The nightmares just won't go away
    In my sleep they still betray
    Feelings that are buried deep down
    When I go to sleep they come around
    My mind, my life I thought free of them
    What I think's behind me, will always stem
    So when I go to bed I PRAY
    that I sleep tonight, until the day!

Tags: abuse, dreams, neal, nightmare, twitter
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