Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Karen and I tried to Jump-Start Aunt Flo

So, Karen and I both figure that Aunt Flo should already be here by now for this month's visit, but there is no sign of her to be seen anywhere. We need her to hurry up and do her thing, so that Karen can enjoy the pool party at the Brewer's next Saturday.

Since we have read that having sex can both bring on a pending period, and the fact that this tactic has worked in the past, Karen offered herself up for sex when we got home from shopping about an hour ago.

She literally walked in the door, put the grocery items away, and went and laid herself out on her back on our bed.

After the argument that we had just a few hours ago, I had to psych myself up for it a bit, and did not immediately follow her into the bedroom. My feelings were still hurt, and quite frankly I wasn't sure I could perform under the mental duress that I was (and still am) enduring.

They say that makeup sex is the best. I don't quite get it. Maybe my mind just doesn't work that way. But we'll see if this helps Aunt Flo show up and do her thing.
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