Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Looks like I get to come home to Aunt Flo in 2 Days

Aunt Flo paid her monthly visit to Karen today.

I guess better today, than tomorrow. That means tomorrow will be her "day 2." Day 2 always sucks for Karen. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be too bad. But hopefully that means that Saturday will be better, and Karen will feel up to going out for dinner.

Even though I will be tired after driving for 9 hours, I really need some quiet Bubbie Bee time. I was kinda hoping that would end with a bit of intimate Bubbie time, but that won't happen with Aunt Flo being in town. It probably wouldn't have happened even if she weren't. to be honest, I don't know why I even hope any more.

I do hope that Karen has been staying hydrated with all of the high heat the St Louis weather has been bringing them this week. It's been hot here (Smokey Mountains of Tennessee) too, but I hear that it has been crazy hot back in the Mid-West. If Karen hasn't been staying hydrated, Aunt Flo is about to kick her butt really hard in about 24 hours.
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