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It was a HAPPY EASTER & Happy April Fool's Day

In fact, the entire weekend was pretty interesting and Happy.

I meant to make this update last night, but Karen and I actually went to bed together (at the same time) after watching the Walking Dead. She actually invited me to bed, and after spending a very nice day together (minus the angry, emotional melt down she had while we were watching Jumanji), I felt like laying next to my wife in bed was more important than making this journal entry. Besides, I woke up early enough this morning to get a quick update in. I may have to wait till later to either finish it, or make another update when I have more time.

Mother Nature's April Fool's:

So, Mother Nature decided to play an April Fool's Day joke on all of us. It has been sleeting and snowing since about 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon. It started just as we were leaving my mother's house, after having Easter Dinner with the family.

It's quite crazy. There is actually about an inch and a half of sleet and snow on the ground this morning. At one point, we even had some Thunder Sleet. A couple of really bright flashes of light, that were seen across nearly all of St Louis and St Charles counties, followed by thunder that lasted up to a minute or two after the lightning strikes. Afterwards, the sleet fell at a frantic pace for about 10 minutes.

Who would have guessed that we would have sleet and snow for Easter?

FAMILY Movie Time:

Today, we all watched a couple of DVD's together. Karen rented Coco, Jumanji, and Downsizing (which we will watch this evening).

Coco was a really good movie. I finally understand what all the hype was about. Definitely an award worthy story and production.

Jumanji was a really fun movie too. I was glad, because I had really not wanted to see a lame-assed reboot of the original movie. They did a really great job of making this a worthy sequel to the original, and the characters were believable and likable. it also didn't hurt that there was some nice eye candy for both Karen and I. The Rock for Karen, and Karen Gillan for me. I've been a huge fan of hers ever since she first appeared on Dr WHO. I loved it when she shaved her head to appear as Nebula in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but I have to admit that I am glad that she has grown her red hair back out long. So HOT!

Speaking of Hot and Sexy, Long red Hair!!! Woof! My Karen's hair is getting really long, and is so gorgeous!

Karen asked me to trim her long hair the other evening. I took about an inch and a half, to two inches off to get it all even and get the dead ends off. It looks so sexy. I love the way her hair lays when she leaves it down to swing across her back. And, I love that even though we are coloring her hair (which it is about time to color again soon) a darker shade of "mahogany brown," that it still has a beautiful shade of red as an undertone. Karen is so sexy as a long haired red head. I'm not saying that I wouldn't jump at the chance to make her blonde again, but the red is so hot.

I asked her how much she wanted me to trim off of her hair, and for a moment I joked that I could chop it off at mid neck length; to give her a swing bob. I breathed a sigh of relief when she said to just trim enough off the ends to make it look even and healthy. for a moment there, and even later after I had finished trimming it all around, I think she was giving some serious thought to asking me to chop it all off.

I'm not sure if the thought of it excited or scared me more. I love her long hair so much. It is such a turn on, and it looks AMAZING on her. I prefer when she wears it down, but even in a bun or ponytail, her hair is gorgeous. It would break my heart to cut it. Especially after finally getting this long again.

Date Night:

Friday night was date night. I guess that's what we are calling it still, these days. Although they don't feel much like date nights any more.

I came home from work, showered, trimmed and shaved my face, blow dried my hair, and even took the time to pick out a nice outfit to look good for my date with Karen. when I'm ready to leave the house, I want to make a good impression on my date. I not only want to look good for myself, and to make myself feel a little extra special; but I want to look good to impress her too.

I did not get the same consideration in return. Karen rarely dresses up, or to impress, any more. She rarely wears makeup, and when she does it's just barely enough to even tell it's there. Karen is always beautiful in my eyes, but I wish... just once... she would be the Karen that used to enjoy doing things to make me feel special. Would dress up to look just a bit extra special, and take the time to want to look "hot" for me. She used to flirt with me, and put in the effort to woo me. I know she loves me, but she just doesn't care about me or want me the way she used to. I miss the look she used to get in her eyes, when she was trying to make me want her, and make me understand that she wanted me too.

Now, I'm just the convenient room mate. She's already caught me, so why put in any extra effort to keep me? Right? She knows that I'm loyal to a fault and not going anywhere.

Texas Roadhouse:

Karen and I had Texas roadhouse for our date night dinner. I have to admit, that for the first time, I was actually a bit let down by TRH. My steak just really wasn't very good, and my steamed vegetables were barely edible.
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