Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Ursasolus Tweets - I wanna be your Easter Egg

  • Wed, 17:19: Bubbie, Please be my sexy barberette, and cut all my hair off. I want you to shave my head completely bald, and paint it like an Easter egg. https://t.co/BVHPSN8MHD

I've always wanted to have a lover shave my head bald for Easter, and take the time to paint my head like an Easter Egg. A fantasy that I've yet to experience with anyone.

If you would like to give me an Easter basket, I would love to see it filled with the following items (in addition to any candy):
  • Hair Scissors
  • Hair Clippers
  • MACH 3 Razors
  • Shaving Cream
  • Body Paints and Brushes

    It's not too late, I can still request a day off for Monday April 2nd, and book us a room at the Ameristar Hotel. I would love to start Spring with a shiny bald head. To feel you tease my sensitive, smooth skin with your sexy long hair. Spend a romantic night together, and sleep in the next morning.
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