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Ursasolus Tweets

  • Thu, 13:42: Me + You, in a King Suite at the Ameristar on Sunday night. Pack up some hair clippers, MACH3 razors and shaving cream. Throw in a few sexy outfits for you to wear while you cut off all my hair. I can go to bed with a shiny bald head. 🚬✂💈 We can even sleep in the next morning.https://t.co/O7DoxOvpDI
  • Thu, 13:46: Thank you for inviting me out for a quick sexy time before work this morning. It was really nice to not have to ask, and you volunteer. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy all morning. ❤💗❤ https://t.co/FS9fVe1HQ9

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