Digger (digzmania) wrote,

SWK - Moments that make everything right in my world

Yep. That's right. I had sex. But to me, it's not just about doing the deed or sexual release.

The best part about it is being one mind and one body with the woman I love. Having her invite me into her body, and accepting me as a part of her.

I love the closeness and vulnerability that we share; and how that by making love, it turns all of that vulnerability, and any insecurities, into a syrengthening bond between us.

I love seeing the pleasure and release on her face, when I have fulfilled my portion of our love making. The way her body relaxes, and her skin glows (literally) as she relaxes in my arms.

I love the look in her eyes, as she turns her focus on me, anticipating my build to climax. In that moment, I feel her care and concern focused only on me, for a few brief minutes. I want it for her, as much as I want it for me.

And, after I reach climax, I feel a pull upon my body and spirit, that binds me to her in a way I honestly cannot put into words. In that moment, and the moments, minutes, hours, and days after, I ferl as if I am whole again. Karenis the center of my mind and spirit, and all is well with the world around me... No matter what else may be going on.

I love that connection to her. I crave that bonding with her. I need that acceptance and love from her. It makes me feel the love, that I choose to have for her, in a completely different way and completeness that nothing else in my life can give me.

She has all power and sway over my heart.

I wish we could share those kinds of moments, and intimacy, much more often.
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