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Bubbie's got my back

She can always tell when something's got me down, even when I'm tryig my best not to show it.

I really appreciate her sticking up for me, and I love yhat she's trying to look out for me when I'm feeling down or my feelings are hurt.

I'm just not sure it counts as being included as a friend, when someone has to be reminded to include me.

I may not be thought of, or always remembered, (the way I would want to be) by the people I have chosen to call my friends....

I was really sad earlier this evening, when I wasn't tagged as part of the group. Still disappointed that I was left out until Karen asked Sherrill to add me.

But one thing is for certain. My Bubbie loves me, and always has my back. In the end, that's what matters most; cause she's my closest friend.
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