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She fills my world with joy!

Tonight was hands down, my favorite night of this entire month.

I'll admit that the day started off a bit rough. I was tired, the work day was long and tedious, and until just a short while ago there was really nothing extraordinary about the day at all; other than the fact that is is Wednesday. Hump day.

Karen and I were sitting in the living room together, enjoying each other's company, watching some Family Fued, and eating dinner together. Dinner was absolutley delicious, and we were both enjoying a couple of large sodas that I stopped to get on the way home.

Karen had been pinging me since about 3:30 PM that she was out of ice; which meant she had nothing cold to drink until she could get some. So, I stopped on the way home to get osme, and a couple of 44 oz sodas for us to drink while we watched TV.

I don't remember the exact context of how the conversation come up, but at around 6:30 I mad ethe satement that I could tell her what I wanted. Karen gave me a sweet grin and asked, "Would you like to jump my bones?" My heart jumped into my throat, and I eagerly responded "YES!" She smiled and said, "OK. I think we can do that."

The moment was like the very air was filled wtih enchanted music singing to my ears;. She hadn't said anythign along the lines of giving it up, or giving in, or fulfilling some duty, etc... She had smiled and asked me if I would like to make love to her, adn then acknowledged that she would like to make that happen. It was total acceptance and willing acknowledgement of my desires for her. I almost started crying, but I didn't want to jinx the moment.

At 7 PM, the Goldbergs came on TV, and it was theri Halloween episode for the year. I had seen previews for the show, and was excited that we were going to actually be able to watch it. Karen's usual shows in that time slot were being pre-empted by the World Series (I had actually forgotten that baseball was still going on. LOL)

Karen mentioned that she had been ready to head to the bedroom at 7 PM, but didn't want to interrupt my show. I quickly corrected that missconception. I ran downstairs to turn on my DVR, put some dog food in the dog's bowls, and rushed back upstairs to show my Bubbie Bee that nothing was more important to me than being intimate with her at that moment.

(TMI ALERT - Adult Details ahead)
I won't go into graphic details, no one needs that information, but it was nice. It was REALLY NICE. Our minds had already engaged in verbal foreplay, and we were both ready to be one with one another. The moment we joined together was like a glimpse of Heaven. Nothing in this world is sweeter than the way I feel when I am joined with Karen's body.

As we were nearing the conclusion of our intimate moment, and Karen had already expereienced her release, and mine was building to climax; I leaned down and paid some attention to her breasts.
I couldn't help myself. Karen looked so amazingly beautiful there in front of me. She was/is the most beautiful thing in the entire world at that moment. Her smile, the look on her face after experiencing her own climax. The look on her eyes, knowing that she was giving me such beautiful bliss and pleasure.

I love the moment when Karen climaxes. To me, that is the most important, and most rewarding and fulfilling, moment of making love to her. That is when I receive pure joy in my heart and soul; even if I didn't also climax from our live making, that moment when her body shudders and clenches onto me inside of her. When her body releases its pent up energy, and she becomes wet from the physical redponse to her orgasm. THAT is when I am bathed in love and emotional bliss.

As I nibbled on her nipples and took her soft bosom into my mouth, her body physically reacted beneath me. She squirmed, and even sucked in air through her teeth and then let out a brief moan.

This was amazing. her breasts have not responded in that way in a very, very long time.

Her excitment was infectious, and that was more than I could take in, and it spurred me on to my own fulfilling moment. My body shook and went weak in the knees. It was the most beautiful moment of my day, week, month.

Thank you, Bubbie Bee.
Thank you for being so beautiful and amazing.

Mullen, Karen [3:27 PM]:
Mullen, Dwight A [3:27 PM]:
Mullen, Karen [3:28 PM]:
we are out of ice
not a drill
Mullen, Dwight A [3:28 PM]:
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mullen, Karen [3:28 PM]:
we. are. out. of. ice
Mullen, Dwight A [3:29 PM]:
What ever will you do?
I can get osme on the way home, but that is 135 hours away till I leave for the day
not 135 hours
Mullen, Karen [3:29 PM]:
135 hours????????
oh no
Mullen, Dwight A [3:29 PM]:
1.5 hours
I hit the three instread of the dot
Mullen, Karen [3:30 PM]:
please bring some home
Mullen, Dwight A [3:30 PM]:
There isn't another bag outside?
Mullen, Karen [3:30 PM]:
and get us some soas
Mullen, Dwight A [3:30 PM]:
Mullen, Karen [3:30 PM]:
i checked and did not see one
Mullen, Dwight A [3:30 PM]:
I may have moved it to a lower shelf, then again we may have used it all
Mullen, Karen [3:30 PM]:
i looked on all the shelves
Mullen, Dwight A [3:30 PM]:
I will bring home loads of ice, and sodas
Mullen, Karen [3:30 PM]:
if it's there it's hiding
i need a nap
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