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I'm getting my head shaved - And I'm telling everyone

My co-worker, Dan, came in to work this morning with his head freshly shaved razor smooth. He said that his wife has been doing the upkeep for him. I have to admit that I am really jealous.

I am so looking forward to having Karen take the shaving cream and razor to my head. And I am just as excited, if not more-so, about the fact that she will be shaving my head completely smooth at least once or twice a week for the next three months after the first time that she FINALLY cuts all of my long hair off.

I have spent years waiting and planning this haircut in my mind. I've spent more time dreaming, planning, and fantasizing about having Karen cut all of my long hair off, and shaving my head bald, than most women spend dreaming of their wedding day.

I told several of my co-workers that I am planning to shave my head sometime in the next month or two.

I thought that several of the ladies from the imaging team were going to break down and cry, when I told them I was cutting my long hair off. One of the girls in my work group asked if she could put my hair in braids (either corn row braids, or box braids) before I cut it all off. I said that I would give it some serious thought. I have actually really wanted to see what it would be like to have my hair braided like that. I think it would be fun, even if I didn't keep the braids more than just a couple of days.

I think the last thing I want to do with my hair before Karen cuts it all off, is to bleach my hair platinum blonde. I think that would be a lot of fun,and I am very curious to see what my hair would look like the same, or similar color to the blonde that I LOVE so very much on her hair.

Oh, I wish Karen would go blonde again. I would literally give almost anything in this world to see her blonde again. Even if it were a dark blonde, or honey blonde; instead of the light ash blonde that she had right before we colored it back to red.

But those are just wishlist items. Right now, the only thing standing between my hair and the clippers is finding a date and time to be able to check into the Ameristar Hotel, and having our Family portrait made before my hair is cut.

Now that I've put it out there for everyone to know that I'm cutting all of my hair off, There's no backing out of it now without looking like I chickened out. That makes it even more exciting.

I have wanted this for so long. I can't believe that it is FINALLY going to happen.

And, I'm finally going to be able to forgive Karen, and put this grudge to rest. I'm finally going to be able to wipe the slate clean, and when I shed all of this hair off, I will symbolically be shedding all of the anger, disappointment, bitterness, and resentment that I have been holding against Karen for these past 5 plus years.

And I know, that until Karen does this for me... Until the hair falls to the floor, and the razor shaves my head smooth... None of that will be possible.

All of that garbage will continue to fester and ferment within me. I'm tired of this baggage tearing me apart, and having such a negative affect on our marriage. Shedding my long hair, and having Karen shave me bald, will mean I can shed all of this toxic junk from my heart, mind, and spirit...

I will FINALLY be FREE!!!!!!

And Karen will finally be able to quit smoking again without me having ANY hard feelings or giving her any pouting or grief about it.

So, sometime between now and Christmas, it all comes off. I'm really looking forward to this haircut ;more than I have ever looked forward to any Christmas gift or any Birthday present in my entire life.

I can hardly stand the wait. Snip snip, buzz buzz, and all this long hair will be gone.

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