Digger (digzmania) wrote,

My tweets

  • Tue, 17:22: I just clocked out at 17:17 on 10-17-2017 (17 OCT 17), and for a person born on 02-17-71 all those 17s strike my mind as just a bit odd.
  • Wed, 08:57: I'm a bad husband 😕. I took out all of the trash and recycling this morning, but I couldn't change the 💩 kitty litter. We are out of litter. https://t.co/n2TRnHyDUi
  • Wed, 10:15: 1st world problem. My new ear buds are supposed to have bass boost. The only thing I hear is my music being muffled as if it's under water.😳 https://t.co/9KcF13pYDB

Tags: twitter
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