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On this day 2014

A memory popped up on my Facebook ON THIS DAY feed,that jostled a memory from 2014.

It was a Friday, and the kids and I were packing up the HHR to head out to Klondike park for the Pack 980 Fall Family Camp out. As usual, Karen was helping us get all of our gear together, and double checking to make certain that we had everything that we might need.

I had grabbed a few things out of the Cavalier, and was making sure that it was good for Karen to drive over the weekend. She was helping me gather last minute things like flashlights and my phone charger.

When she reached into the center console of the Cavalier, she saw a pack of Marlboro Light 100's that had been in there since right around the time that she had quit smoking the Summer before (May 31st, 2013). She looked at me and said, "I wonder if these are still any good?" I think I muttered something along the lines of I don't know. "Wanna find out?" she grinned. "I don't even know if I could take a puff on one any way, but lets see."

She started packing them against her other hand, and started off for the house door. Like a kid that had seen candy dangled in front of his face, I eagerly followed along. Somewhere along the way, Karen had found a lighter. We ended up in our bedroom, and I locked the door behind me. Karen told me to go open the bedroom window, and she started opening the pack of cigarettes.

I stood next to her as she lit the cigarette, and looked on with a shit eating grin from ear to ear as I waited for her to blow the smoke into my face (like she had done hundreds of times in the past). It smelled a little different than I had remembered, but it smelled so good. She took a second puff, and I leaned in for a kiss as soon as she had finished blowing the long stream of smoke from her lips.

I moaned with a primal and feral sound. My hormones flooded my entire body, and I couldn't get my pants down fast enough. Partially because my erection was pressing so tightly against my zipper. It was the first time that Karen had been intimate with me in months, and adding the fact that I was watching her smoke for the first time in over a year, it only took a couple of minutes for me to finish.

That mage was stuck in my head the entire night.

That moment together, and the shared moments (story time, as they would later come to be called) that we shared over the next couple of weeks (one in the morning, and one before bedtime) were awesome. It was the most my wife had paid attention to me in months (years even).

Hope that Karen would finally keep her promise to be my Sexy Smokin' Hot Barberette flooded my mind.

I've been asking for the same thing for over 7 years now.

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