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I'm sitting in a tent, and all I can think about is YOU

It's cold and windy outside my tent, but I am hot and bothered inside this sleeping bag tonight. All I can think about is Karen.

As Karen was helping up pack up for the weekend camp out with Pack 980, she came across a pack of cigarettes that have been sitting unopened in my car for a very long time. She snuck them into the house, and said she wondered what it would be like to just light one up.

We went and hid in the bedroom, and I opened a window, while she packed the cigarettes, and opened the pack. I'm guessing they may have been a little bit stale, but I wouldn't know the difference. it smelled awesome, as she lit it up and took the first puff; blowing the smoke into my face.

I was instantly aroused, and it didn't even take me 1/3 of the cigarette to reach climax. It was so sexy to see her smoke again, even if it was just this one cigarette. I have the pack in my car, and she won't be smoking any more of them while I'm gone.

But, this does cause my mind to pose one question....

Could she... would she... be willing to smoke a few cigarettes while giving me a haircut and shaving my head?

if so, I want a room at the Ameristar, and I want my hair cut now.
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