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My Christmas Present - Ameristar Hotel and a Head Shave

Karen and I had a very productive set of discussions today, that continued from a conversation that started before she left for NY last week. And, I'm very excited to say that Bubbie is finally going to be my sexy Smokin' Hot Barberette. After having waited for over 5 long years, for her to finally keep the promise she made back in 2012, I am FINALLY going to be getting my long hair cut off, and Karen is going to shave my head bald.

I AM SO EXCITED! I'm getting my head shaved!

At one point in our conversation, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year; and in my mind I was already replying that the only thing I want is the same thing I've wanted for every birthday, father's day, anniversary, and Christmas present for the past 7 years... to have her take me to the Ameristar Hotel, do her makeup and dress up in a sexy vinyl outfit, sit me down in a chair in front of a big mirror, let me watch her light up the first of many sexy long white Virginia Slim 120 cigarettes fro the night, and to have her start cutting all my hair off.

I want my wife to be my Fantasy Barberette, and shave me bald.

So, I told her. "The ONLY thing I want for Christmas this year, is a King or Queen Suite smoking room at the Ameristar Hotel, where we can have a night of sex, fun, and erotic haircuts...
I want you to cut my hair shorter and shorter, and then shave my head with a razor. until there is not a single hair remaining anywhere on my smooth, bright, white, shiny, bald head."

Her response.... "OK." I said, "Promise?" She responded, "Promise."

And I'm going to hold her to that. No backing out of it this time. I swear I will just die if she breaks my heart again. I swear by everything under the Sun, I don't think I can forgive her again if she breaks this promise yet again.

I'm still hoping that this means she might be willing to take a vacation or sick day off of work, so that we can stay at the hotel on Wednesday the 25th. That would put us shaving my head on the 5 year, 4 month anniversary of the day she made her original promise in June 2012. But if not, then it means that she will be planning something extra special between now and December-ish? We never have gotten around to taking the family portrait that we have talked about for the holidays.

I know that this means that it will be early next year before she finally quits smoking again, but at least we finally have a time table and a plan in place. For that I am very thankful. It's time. It really is. We just have this one last hurdle to get out of the way. FINALLY!!!!!!!!

I know I already said it, but I'm giddy with excitement. Merry Christmas to ME!


I can't hardly wait to watch the cigarette dangle from her dark red lips and she snips away the long locks of hair from my head.

I can't hardly stand the wait to taste her smokey kisses as the vibrating clippers plunge into my hair.

I can't hardly stand the wait to feel her lathering up my head, and the tug of the razor starting right as the stubble is shaved from my scalp. She'll start right in the center of my forehead, scraping away the shaving cream, followed by the warm smoke from her breath blowing over the wet smooth skin.

I can't hardly stand the wait to feel her warm lips on my naked head. And feel her smokey breath on my head as we make love.

I've waited for a very, very long time; and it is finally almost here.
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