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Urgent Care - Bronchitis & More

At 7:39 Am this morning I was woken up by the sound of my daughter's voice saying, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, can you please get up?"

I was exhausted, and it took a moment for my brain to realize that it was really Delaney standing there and not a dream. I'd had a very rough night, and didn't finally fall asleep until just after 5 AM.

Once I was awake enough to acknowledge her, she let me know that Karen was up and wanted me to take her to urgent care. Karen has been really sick for the past two and a half (almost three full) days with a really bad cough and low grade fever. I think she caught something while in NYC, and it took till Wednesday afternoon to incubate and take over.

I got dressed, and we headed out the door at about 10 minutes till 8. She had made an appointment for sometime just after 8 AM (the exact time escapes my mind right now). She kept telling me that I didn't have to take her, and that she could call her mom; but I DID have to take her. I'm not going to send my Bubbie Bee off to an urgent care and not be right there by her side. Especially after I had been up praying for her most of the previous night.

I had been trying to tell her for a day and a half that she most likely had bronchitis, and needed to get it checked out before she ended up with pneumonia.

When we got to the urgent care, Karen walked up to the counter and was given a clipboard with forms to fill out as they checked her in. Usual stuff. Nothing happens, and no one gets treated, in a medical facility in this country until a healthy portion of paperwork is filled out.

When she went to hand in the forms, I could hear the receptionist trying to ask Karen a question under her breath, but the TV in the room was blocking it out just enough that I couldn't hear the entire exchange. I heard Karen respond that she hasn't been able to get rid of the cough, adn that it was driving her crazy. The receptionist looked up at her, with her head slightly cocked at an angle, and asked, "So that's what has brought you in today? The cough?" I'm thinking, is this woman daft? has she not heard karen coughing since she came through the doors.

I later learned that the receptionist was asking Karen whether or not she needed to be able to come back to another room, behind the treatment area door, away form me, to let them know if there was another reason she was there for treatment.

What kind of insane world do we live in, where there is an automatic assumption that a woman coming to an urgent care with her husband by her side is somehow a victim of hidden abuse? I know I hadn't had much sleep, but did I really look like some brute enforcer, or overbearing oppressor?

Apparently, as I sat there with my sunglasses on (sorry, I'm still half asleep and exhausted, and my eyes hurt) I apparently had resting bitch face due to my lack of sleep.

When they came to get Karen, I asked if she wanted me to come back with her. And she replied no, I'm a big girl. But, just a few minutes later she was texting me, to tell me that she was about to have a chest X-ray done. Even though she was already back there to be examined and evaluated, she was bored in between the doctor and nurses going back and forth. After about 100 text messages, I finally said for her to have the nurse come get me so that I could be by her side and just talk with her.

Karen appeared at the door a minute later, and I walked back to her room with her. She was back there watching L&O SVU (shocker) on the TV in her room. This was a nice, and fancy facility. Every room has a TV for the occupants to watch while they wait for various things to happe in the course of their visit.

I was glad that I was back in that room with Karen; for several reasons. I was glad to be able to just talk with her, rather than text back and forth. I was glad to know what was going on, and to hear the information from the doctor and nurses directly. It was nice just to be by her side. And, the air quality was much better and the air temp was much cooler. There had been a smell in the waiting room that had been choking me. I hadn't stopped coughing since we got there. Probably something bleach related. IDK. But, once I was back in the room with karen, I was breathing fine.

I few moments later, a nurse came in and set Karen up with a nebulizer, to do a breathing treatment with albuterol. They wanted to start breaking up the junk in her upper chest. About 5 minutes later, the doctor finally came in to let her know the results of her x-rays, and to discuss diagnosis and treatment.

Karen's X-Rays were clear. She said that her lungs and throat look good. There was nothing there that was of any concern to the doctor.

Praise the Lord. That was the first answered prayer.

The doctor told Karen that she had quite a few different things going on all at once, adn that she needed an antibiotic, a steroid, and something to help her take care of the constant cough that was only further irritating her throat and upper bronchial tubes at this point.

She diagnosed Karen with:
  • Acute bacterial bronchitis
  • An ear infection
  • Bacterial Sinus infection
  • Exhaustion

    She wanted Karen to continue with the breathing treatment, and said that they would be giving her a steroid shot to heal the healing of the upper bronchial tubes; which are inflamed and causing the constant cough.

    We left with three Rx for Karen to take over the next ten days.

    I'm so glad she is going to get better, adn that I was right about the bronchitis.
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