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I'm a Fossil with great taste

BACKGROUND INTRO STORY: I had a new manager (and several members of her team) come down to my office this morning, asking for assistance with a critical printer/copier machine (a Xerox WorkCentre 5855 model). Their work group had called a ticket in on the machine, and L2 print services had attempted to resolve the issue over the network connection without success. It was going to be several hours before Xerox could have a tech on site, and L2 had advised the manager that they would attempt to contact me to have me take a quick look at the machine. They had been pinging me on Instant Messenger (IM), with no response, so the manager had decided to come down and introduce herself to me.

Once I had a chance to get my PC unlocked and took a few minutes to chat with the Managed Print Service help desk, I had a fairly good idea what I needed to go do with the machine. Over the years, I've gained the trust and reputation with our Xerox techs and their counterparts within our organization as a reliable resource with the Xerox machines. So much so, that they have provided me with the trouble shooting and tech manuals for all of the main machines in our building. I have a reputation of being able to troubleshoot most issues before a service call actually needs to be sent out.

I'm not sure how much XEROX techs make an hour, but I've spent enough time working on our printers that I've thought about billing my time back to the company under a separate cost code.

As the ladies stood around my desk, they noticed my "murse," (Man Purse, or satchel bag) as Karen often calls it, sitting on my side cart. They were all very impressed with my bag, and asked me about it. I'm quite proud of my bag as well. It's a men's FOSSIL satchel bag, that Karen bought for me as a present a little over a year ago; it's brown leather and canvas, and it's a really nice one. We found it at the Fossil outlet store for about $80, but it was originally a $200 bag. I get compliments on my bag on a regular basis. Occasionally from other guys who carry a bag or backpack, but mainly from ladies who appreciate that I carry a nice bag, and have good taste in bags and purses as well.

These discussions often end up with me telling about the various purses that I have bought for Karen over the years. Most recently, we picked out a really cool B&W patterned purse and accessories in a Vera Bradley design. We bought the initial purse, coin purse, and wallet for our trip to NYC back in May; and we went back to get a matching carry-on bag a month ago.

Karen used to carry quite a few hand-me-down bags from her friend Brandy. But as I've been better able to afford to buy gifts and nice things for my Sweetie, I've taken great pride in being able to buy some nice bags and purses for Karen. I couldn't tell you what bag was what, for the bags that Karen had before; but I can tell you each and every bag that I either helped pick out, or purchased for my Bubbie Bee.

Over the years, Karen has picked out several Coach bags; that I have purchased for her as gifts. Some of them purchased online through the outlet website, and some of them at the outlet mall Coach store. When she found a Coach in a really cool blue leather, I bought her nearly every matching piece that was available for that style. The acquisition of that set was quite expensive, and I hope that she puts that purse and accessories back into rotation from time to time. I love the color, and am quite proud of the fact that I bought it for her.

Karen is extremely proud of a purse that she got about a year ago, that is a metallic gunmetal gray. She found it on the outlet website, but it turns out that it was on that site in error, and should have been retailed through the premium Coach site. When we took the purse with us to the outlet store, to try to find additional accessories (because you have to have the matching clutch, the wallet, the coin purse, the ID badge holder, and the key ring), the staff all went ape shit gaga over her purse. It was pretty cool.

My favorite bags, are two that Karen hasn't carried in a while; but I'm hoping that she will put back into her rotation again soon.

The very first two purses that I ever bought for Karen have a lot of sentimental value for me; because I got to go shopping with Karen to help pick them out, and then purchased them for her as gifts. It was the first time I had ever bought a purse for anyone, and was my first initiation into how much a really nice bag could cost.

We went from store to store, looking at dozens upon dozens of different bags. I would pick up a bag that I thought matched what she was telling me she was looking for, and we would efine the search parameters. It was such an exciting shopping experience together. And even though it ended up costing a pretty penny, it was so exhilarating and satisfying to be able to make those purchases with and for her.

Those first two bags were Fossil purses. The first was a mid sized purse, in a tanned leather. The second purse was the same exact style of Fossil, but the smaller version of the purse. Unlike the Coach bags, these are both very classic style leather bags. The kind that really never go in or out of style. The color, or shape is not a fad, per se; and I can easily see Karen handing one or both of these bags down to Delaney some day; when she is old enough to be responsible to care for and carry a more expensive and quality bag.

So, the first two really nice hand bags that I ever bought for Karen were Fossil bags; and likewise, the first nice bag she ever bought for me was a Fossil. I know it may sound crazy, and maybe a little mushy gushy, but it's a story that has a lot of deep personal meaning to me.

I was telling the story of these two bags today, as I was explaining why I love my Fossil bag so much. the ladies were so impressed, that I had to promise to take some photos of them to share.

I think I'll get some photos of all of the various bags, so I can share next week at work.
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