Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Stolen from FB - 25 Quick Questions

01. Favorite smells? A woman's perfume mixed with a hint of cigarette smoke. The way a woman's skin smells when she is wearing makeup. My wife's hair, after her shower. The smell of finished leather. Sawdust, right after a pine board is cut. Hair dye. A Camp fire. The rain, during a thunder storm.

02. Last time you cried ? Sunday.

03. Favorite pizza? Pantera's Deluxe, add green peppers on thick pan crust.

04. Favorite flower? Roses or Sunflowers

05. Did you go to college? Yes (Majored in Elementary Education)

06. Untie your shoes when taking them off? No way. Then you would have to tie them again when you slipped them back on.

07. Roller coasters? Love them. All of them.

08. Favorite ice cream? chocolate with chocolate covered almonds or Mint Chocolate Chip.

09. Favorite past times? reading, movies, sex, art, writing

10. Shorts or jeans? Shorts (Cargo shorts, preferably)

11. What are you listening to? 80's Pop Radio on Pandora

12. Favorite Color? Various shades of Green or Blue

13. Tattoos? Yes (three)

14. Piercings? Left ear (And my heart, if you count how many times it has been emotionally staked or stabbed)

15. Color of hair? Brown (I REALLY want to bleach my long hair Platinum Blonde, at least a day or two before I have Karen cut it all off and shave me completely bald) NOTE: I've waited for more than 5 years for it to happen, but I'm finally going to get my head shaved before the end of this year. My sexy Barberette is going to shave me BALD. 😍

16. Color of eyes? Blue

17. Favorite food to eat? Chinese or Mexican

18. Favorite holidays? Halloween and Christmas

19. Beer or wine? Neither. Both are nasty as shit. Give me an Amaretto Sour with a splash of grenadine, please

20. Night owl or morning person? Night owl. I hate getting up in the mornings.

21. Favorite day of the week? Saturday (And every other Friday, when it is "date night." Although date night is starting to turn into a routine of just dinner and grocery shopping.)

22. Do you have a Nickname? Digger or Putle (Pute Pute, when she's trying to be cute about it). Karen used to call me Sweet Pea.

23. Pictures on your wall? At work: Family photos, and several of Karen and I. Home: Photos of Karen, and a painting my son made for me in art (Dr WHO themed).

24. What makes you most proud? My Family: My daughter is a budding artist and smart young lady. My son is smart, funny, starting to take his academics serious, and a First Class Scout. My wife is the most amazing person I've ever known - intelligent, social and loved by many, and gorgeous. I envy her in many ways.

25. Favorite music? Pretty much anything from the 80's. Pop, Hair Bands, Ballads. I also enjoy Neo Classical and New Age.

Tags: barberette, blonde hair, family, karen, meme, qotd, questionaire, relationships
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