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My part of the packing is done.

Well, I suppose that it is obvious by the time on this entry that I haven't slept since yesterday. My total sleep time for the past 48 hours is still at 2 hours and 22 minutes, bringing my grand total "nap time" for the past three days to 6 hours and 35 minutes.

But my time has not been wasted.

Karen finished her packing for the NYC trip last night, and put her bag and purse in the living room. She will be waking up in about 18 minutes to get dressed, go grab a quick bite to eat on the run (drive through) for breakfast, and have me drop her off at her Mom's house.

That allowed me to do some packing of my own. I finished a bunch of the 3x5" index cards I have been making to send with her. Each one with a special message of love, adoration, and well wishes, hand written out; and several with a bit of detailed art work to go along with it. All of the cards are front and back pieces.

Several of the cards are prayers for safe travel, with wishes of safe journeys and fun on her trip. Others are just bits of humor and a quick I love you message to help bring a smile to the start of her day. A few of the remaining are wishes of Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness for all that are along side her on this trip, and a message to bring back tons of happy memories and stories to share.

I've strategically hidden them to be found individually throughout the next couple of days. I hope and pray that they prove to be pleasant little surprises, and bring a smile to her beautiful face.

I would give anything to be going with her. Literally anything. No price or sacrifice would be too high to be able to make that happen. But my main worry right now is for her safety and happiness over the next four days.

In light of recent events around this country, I don't take safety, or safe travels for granted. Especially when it comes to these ladies walking around every tourist area of new York they can get to in their short time there. Prime lunatic hunting grounds right now. Most of all, I wish I could just be there to watch over her, and make sure that they are all safe. I know that they are all grown adults, but as 500+ people learned just last weekend, and 59 more never got the chance to learn from, that means jack shit in today's society. At least I am trained to look for danger points and how to react.

It's for that fact that I know I will not sleep for the next 4 days, nor will I probably eat more than is what is necessary to keep my stomach from turning inside out. As long as I know she is fine, I will be fine.

And, making these cards (I lost track of how many I hid in her baggage. I know it was more than 5 or 6) has at least made me feel like I am in some small part contributing to her happiness, and ability to not worry about me; and the prayer cards will travel along with her to help keep her safe in my absence.

That part, I simply have to turn over to the Lord.
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