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My own Son thinks I'm a failure

As if I weren't already en emotional wreck, and sad, this evening with Karen leaving on a trip to NYC without me, just 8 short hours from now; now I have the words of my own son ringing in my ears to deflate my spirits even further.

Jack is currently in between books on several book series that he has become interested in. He is caught up with the books in those series that have already published and are out in paperback, and is having to wait until the next installment in the respective book series is released for purchase.

In the interim, I have been offering several book series from my teen years. He is currently fully engrossed in the Dragonlance series, from TSR (Dungeons & Dragons). The first of those books came out when I was his same age (13), in 1984. I'm hoping to get him interested in books by RA Salvatore next.

As we were walking back up the stairs, from getting him the second book in the Dragons trilogy, I was telling him how both of his uncles had read those very same copies of the books as well; and that was why they are all a little worn. In addition to being over 30 years old. I told him that this very series of stories is what got his uncles and I interested in the fantasy realm of books, and started playing role playing games such as D&D and Warhammer.

Karen, in a joking manner, chided, "And you see where that got those dorks. Are you sure you want to read those books?" I chuckled. Yep, we're a little dorky, but all in good fun and humor.

Jack's response was not quite so light-hearted, and fun.

"Well, that's not so bad. Uncle Steve is a doctor, and makes lots of money. Uncle Aaron has a good job and travels all over the world. This one over here (pointing to me with his thumb over his shoulder) is the only one that never did anything with his life." ~ jack A Mullen

I wanted to come back with a remark of my own, but he's right. What have I accomplished with my life? Nothing. Other than somehow managing to stay married to Karen for nearly 15 years, and being together for 17, the rest of my life has been a steady series of failures.

Just to list a few:
  • No Friends (at least none of my own, and none that invite me to be part of their group)
  • No social life
  • 22 years at a job that pays me less than I and my family can afford, and where I am under appreciated.
  • Never finished my Teacher's Certificate.
  • Still owe on my student loans, after paying on them for 20 + years.
  • My own body hates me
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