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Weird Dreams & Nightmares

I've had a very strange dream that has repeated itself a handful of times lately, and it seems to have no apparently obvious meaning or translation to real life situations.

But it feels hauntingly real, and is vivid enough to wake me from my sleep in a panicked state of mind. Once, I even woke up kicking and screaming, and covered in sweat.

The locations in the dream are vague, and change from dream to dream. The first dream started with me at work, talking with Karen over IM. I had to excuse myself to go investigate a disturbance in the warehouse.It ended with me being chased through aisles at an abandoned amusement park, running through the line for a broken flight simulator ride.

The next dream had me hijacking a strange flying contraption, flying over the Mississippi river, and crashing.

Locations, and scenarios change, but there are a few weird items/characters (animated objects and creatures) that are in each and every dream.

The 3 Cubes, and the black horse with blond hair and a twisted horn. I think the cubes represent ideas, or maybe people. Maybe not. Maybe its a tie in to something I've seen on a logo, or internet.

No idea. But these objects are vivid enough for me to remember and draw them. (See below)

The only thing I know for sure, is that these 4 objects are aware I am watching, they hate me, they want me to suffer by making sure I have to witness the tragedy they are attempting to cause by the end of each dream.
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