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On an unrelated note, I had the 3 Cube Dream again.

In a situation completely unrelated to my previous post....

Somehow, in the 142 short minutes (2 hours & 22 minutes) of sleep that I did manage to get last night, I was asleep just long enough to have and remember some details of another 3 Cube Dream.

This makes at least the 13th time that I have dreamt this scenario, or linked set of imagery, across a series of dreams.

Past experience has typically only required 6 or 7 instances to prove that the relevance of the situation and imagery is real life related.

So, WTF is it? What does it mean?
It is really starting to worry me. I've searched, googled, sketched, and cannot make heads or tails of this dream. (I usually at least gave a clue by the 3rd or 4th time around.)

Is this about Work?

I don't want to go to sleep again. I'm legitimately scared. At the end of this dream, it was ME dying.

Here's another look at my original sketch from the beginning of September.
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