Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Time for a cut and color

I just spent half of the night running around from store to store, trying to find Karen some teal tissue paper for a charity auction basket that she is putting together for the Westhoff Elementary PTC.

My shopping journey started off with just the intention to return some RR04 (Intense dark red) hair color that i had bought at walgreens about 20 days back, adn exchange at least one of them for some 4M (Dark Mahogany Brown) hair color.

The Dark Mahogany still has the red undertones that I love on her, but is a bit warmer and more muted; which seems to make Karen happier with her hair color. I still have an Intense dark Red box in the closet, so we can alternate every other month; which keeps the red undertone a bit more intense, without the brown becoming too boring or dull.

Karen wants me to color and trim her hair before this weekend, although I'm not certain when we will find the time. I have cub scouts tomorrow night, and then she is out with the girl scout moms on Friday night; so I guess I'll color her hair Saturday morning, before we head out to our two events for that day. She needs it, her roots are grown out quite a bit since just the 2nd of this month.

She said hat she also would like a trim on her ends, and she even started hacking at them while watching TV after dinner; so I had better get on them if I want to be the one to cut her hair.

I've been thinking about asking if I can trim it up quite a bit; and if I could ever get the nerve, I'd love to ask her if I could give her bangs again. Bangs do look really cute on her, and I have to admit that the thought of sliding my scissors into her gorgeous long hair, right around where her eyebrows are, and slicing off so much of that long hair with each snip of the scissors really excites me. It's better than foreplay, and to this hair fetishist, almost as good as sex in some ways.

Maybe I'll ask. I don't know. I don't want to suggest it, and have her immediately get mad at me and start arguing about her hair.
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