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I had the dream again.

I've been up since 01:47 AM, and nearly an hour later I can't get back to sleep. There's a dream that I've been having for the past 20 or 30 days, that keeps repeating itself a couple of times a week.

I'm usually pretty good at deciphering my dreams, and figuring out what it is that my subconscious mind it trying to tell me; but this one has imagery that just doesn't translate to anything that I can identify in my waking mind, or the daily world around me. this dream has me stumped.

As I have mentioned in previous entries, "It always starts the same. Three colored cubes, gliding across the floor, herding a massive group of faceless people from place to place. A black cube, a red cube, and an orange cube." (Halloween colors?)

The black horned horse was back again, but this time I was able to finally get up close enough to learn that it really isn't a horse. It's a wild ass, like the ones I saw in South Dakota last year, and is wearing the disguise of a twisted and deformed unicorn.

In the previous dreams, it has always seemed that the people in the dreams find and encounter this animal after they get to where they are going. But in tonight's dreams, I discovered that this beast has actually been with them the whole time. It may even be possible that they brought it with them (on purpose?) on their journey.

As in the previous dreams, I am an observer; with no ability to interact with the events unfolding before me. It's as if I'm watching through a monitor screen, but I'm so close to the event that my head is poked through the monitor and the edges of the screen are behind me. I know, weird. There is something about this faceless mob that is connected to me in some way, although I have no idea why.

Just like a scripted TV show, the events unfurl in sequence, and the dream ends up in some unexpected and unpredictable tragedy. Usually because they have wandered into a place they shouldn't have been in the first place, and always at the insistence of he strange floating cubes.

I've decided to give up on trying to focus on the tragedy that always occurs at the end of each dream. The event that finally shakes me to the core deep enough to wake me from my sleep. I think that part of the dream is a distraction, keeping me from solving the real riddle that is churning in the deep recesses of my subconscious.

So, why does this dream keep coming to me?

Do I know anyone in the faceless mob (it feels as if I do, and that I am drawn to a specific area of the mass of people), or is it just part of the dream to direct a focal point?

What is the significance of the colored cubes? Are they robots, alien technology, spirits, a logo that my mind is scrambling? I don't know. I've Googled everything I can think of, and nothing makes sense.

What is the significance of the different locations in the dreams? (Floating in the cabin over the Mississippi river, the merry go round where the cubes get stuck, the escalator that no one can get off of and has no end, the weird apartment building with leaking water and strange smell, the zoo with the weird animals, the cave with the ghosts and spirits, the berry trees that everyone eats from and gets violently ill, the canyon with sheer cliff walls and falling rocks, etc...)

Am I dreaming about something that I saw in an episode of the show LOST, or some other TV show or movie that I watched in the past?

Who is the little girl that cries and just keeps saying, "I want my mommy"?

What part of this riddle do I finally have to figure out to finally stop having this dream?

Why do I feel like I could help these people, and keep them safe, if only I could squeeze through the monitor and get to where they are?

Is this related to an upcoming show, like Stranger Things?

I'm so confused, and so tired of having the same dream. So tired of these dreams waking me up.
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