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Repetitive Dream - The 3 Cubes again

I keep having the same nonsense dream over and over.

It always starts the same. Three colored cubes, gliding across the floor, herding a group of people from place to place. A black cube, a red cube, and a terracotta orange cube. Sometimes they are square. Other times they are rectangular in shape; standing up tall, instead of laying down lengthwise. And it is always so eerie, the way that they just glide across the floor. It's like they are on wheels, but bumps in the floor, rough terrain, street curbs, stairs, etc... never seem to slow them down, or stop them from moving around. So, maybe they hover, but they make no motorized sounds.

Tonight's dream lasted longer than most of the previous nights, and I was able to observe it for quite some time.

Tonight, the three cubes were herding a group of people with no faces around through a maze of canyons with straight cliff-like walls. There were no slopes, or obvious paths, that would let you get out of the canyon to reach the top of the maze of deep gorges. Trash was piled up along the sides of the worn paths, and it stank. Occasionally, the group of people would have to walk under a bridge of natural stone, or a wooden bridge that spanned the gorge way up high above their heads. But no one ever seemed to actually see anyone up on those pathways, or any sign of how to get up there.

Occasionally, the group would moan about how far they had walked, and would start to slow down. Some would sit on a low ledge in the cliff wall, others would just duck into a shallow alcove. The majority of the group would just stand and wait for some direction of where to go next. s if they were all lost unless the cubes were pushing them in a specific direction.

The cubes started to let out a series of whining and beeping sounds (which is why I have wondered in the past if they are some sort of droid/robot), and then a black horse-like creature can be glimpsed at an intersection of canyons about 100 yards ahead.

The creature lets out an annoyed whinney, and slowly walks towards the group. It has a horn on it's head, like a unicorn; but it looks more like the horn of an antelope or a kudu bull (spiraled and twisted). Everything about this horse/unicorn, or whatever imaginary creature it is supposed to be, is dark and twisted. It is out of place, and has no business being in this place; but the group is obviously following it at the insistence of the cubes.

The faceless people begin to move again. Still moaning and complaining, but seemingly having determined that they need to keep going in the direction of the horned horse. The horse led them past small pens of animals that were weird and misshapen. There were goats that were covered in the wool of sheep. Donkeys wearing the hides of majestic horses. Turkey buzzards and ostriches wearing bright coats made from peacock and parrot feathers. Baboons and chimpanzees with makeup on their faces, and wearing women's clothes. It was a very bizarre zoo of confused and grotesque animals.

This scenario repeated itself quite a few times. Stop, sit, complain, mumbling or grumbling form one or more persons, then they would move on to the next spectacle.

As the group was moving down a stretch of canyon with a large number of the wooden bridges over head, there was a sudden and unexpected crack and boom! It wasn't like thunder, or even an explosion. It was like the sound when a door is slammed shut; except this sounded like a huge door.

The entire group of people stopped, and the shadows of people looking on from up above suddenly appeared from nowhere. Then the screaming started, and people in the group began to cry. A stone had fallen from the cliff wall, and a person was crushed underneath its weight. The cubes were whirling around the fallen rock making a horrific noise, but they were too small to move it or to help the person underneath the rock. Bright red blood began to seep out onto the path, and the people in the group raised their hands to where their faces should have been.

For the first time, eyes could be seen, and hands were covering their wailing mouths. Horns could be heard blowing off in the distance, but were getting closer and closer. Eventually, the sound of the horns were drowning out he sounds of the crying and screaming.

The chorus of sounds was deafening. My ears were shutting down from being overloaded with too much noise. But one sound was left piercing the deafening silence, the sound of a child crying. A lone little girl, crying and uttering the same words over and over, "I want my mommy."

I couldn't see the girl, or find her anywhere in the canyon. The sounds from the scene were now traveling a great distance, as if broadcast over a television or phone. The girl's voice was near, and hidden in the darkness behind me. "I want my mommy."

No matter what I did, I couldn't help anyone. As in all of the other dreams, I was an intangible spectre. Merely an observer, with no physical form. I could not change the perspective of the view to look around behind me for he girl, and I could not get any closer tot he group to try to help the faceless onlookers. I was trapped in between the two sources of things happening, and could only listen and look.

It became too much to bear, and I woke up shuddering and my face wet with tears.

I'm still too shaken up to fall back to sleep. Hopefully, writing this down will help me look back on it later in the day, and figure out what it all means.
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