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THIS IS the show - UPDATE 2.0

Damnit. I'll admit it. The show finally made me cry. Pass the tissues.

Episode 16, Memphis. (Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen the episode)

After an amazing trip back to Memphis, with Randall finally meeting members of his extended biological family, and learning about his father's younger self. William takes a sudden down turn in his health, and is rushed to the hospital. The doctors have already told Randall that William has just hours to live, and Randall is sitting with William (his father) at his bedside. These last few moments are William's goodbye.

    Randall: I spoke with the doctor. You knew you weren't coming home.

    William: I got something for you. In front of my bag, go ahead. (Randall pulls out a bound packet "Poems for my Son, by William Hill.") I was waiting for the right moment.

    Randall: I'm going to call Beth. I'll have the girls here hugging you within hours.

    William: No,no, no... I said goodbye to them while they were laying down. (talking about Randall's daughters) I want them to remember me looking up at me, not down... Up.

    William: That was a hell of a thing you did, knocking on my door that day.

    Roll all your windows down, crank up the music, grow out that fro, and let someone else make that bed.

    Randall: I like making my bed, old man.

    William: Then you make it. You deserve it. You deserve the beautiful life you made. You deserve everything, Randall.

    My beautiful boy.

    My son.

    I haven't had a happy life. Bad breaks. Bad choices. A life of almosts and could haves. Some would call it sad, but I don't; cause the two best things in my life, were the person in the very beginning (his mom), and the person at the very end (his son, Randall).

    That's a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.

    Randall: I think so too.
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