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THIS IS the show - UPDATE

21:05 PM - It's just after 9 PM on Saturday evening, and I am at least three full episodes behind schedule towards being through season 1 of THIS IS US by Tuesday night's Season 2 premier.

We've had a bit of a busy day, today; and I took a three hour nap this afternoon. Time that I had meant to be spent watching the show, but I really needed the rest. Hopefully I managed to help my body catch up on some much needed rest and rejuvenation.

As of right now, I have finished 9 of 18 episodes, and episode 10 is starting up right now. I have to get through at least 3 or 4 more episodes tonight. If the NBC website glitches will start behaving, I might be able to get through 3 or 4 by sometime around 1 AM. Then maybe another 4 tomorrow.

After 9 episodes, I am beginning to understand the draw of the show. It is a wonderful story of family and love, and the struggles that many people face both alone and together. It is definitely an emotional journey through each episode. I'm going to enjoy spending an hour, on the couch, next to my Sweetie, each Tuesday night.

One thing to note. While I admit that the show is an emotional journey, and is well written to elicit those emotional responses, I have yet to reach for a tissue or shed a tear. I've come close a time or two, but no tears.

Three days, and 9 episodes, to go...

22:31 PM - Well, crap!

I'm half way through episode 10, and a show that has been refreshingly free of all political preaching of any sort, and has also been (up to this point) free of feeling the need to throw in some sort of unnecessary social agenda in the viewer's face, just decided to throw in a token social agenda character.

So disappointed. I actually thought that for once THIS IS US might be a political/social agenda neutral show; where the focus is purely on the struggles and values of a wholesome family. I'm keeping a hopeful optimism that this will not be a story arc that the show's writers feel the need to shove down the viewer's throat. Stay tuned...

01:38 AM - I'm about 1/3 of the way through episode 14. Even though I'm exhausted, I've been pushing through. Mainly because I want to get through this season and be ready to watch the new season with Karen; but I have to admit that I also had a secondary motive.

I was hoping to spend some intimate time with Karen this evening. I asked her about it earlier this evening, and she said "not right now." it turns out that "not right now" simply meant "no."
It has only been 45 days since our last time together. Maybe in another 45 days I'll get get the nerve to ask to be rejected again.

Well, the show still hasn't made me cry, but my wife managed to.

03:50 AM - I'm 11 minutes into episode 16, but I keep dozing off and having to click back on parts I have missed.

Only two more episodes to go after this one. The show hit a hiccup, stumbled, and got a little slow at around episodes 10 & 11, but it picked itself back up and has stayed consistently good throughout most of the season. Part of me wants to try to power through, but these three episodes could easily take up to 4 hours to watch via the NBC app.

Time to minimize the screen and get some sleep. I need at least some rest before it's time to get up and get ready for church in the morning.

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