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The timing is perfect

Last night, I sent a series of direct PM's to Karen's twitter from mu ursasolus account, asking her to give some serious thought to shaving my head bald next month.

It's long past time for her to finally quit smoking again.

If I had known she had no plans to shave my head, when she started up again in the Fall of 2014, I would never have encouraged her to do anything other than stay smoke free then.

I thought she was doing it for me. To fulfill this fantasy one final time. I had no idea she was only using me as an excuse to be doing it for herself.

I told her that it is time to stop telling me stories about shaving my head, and time to finally act one out in real life. then I sent her the screen shots of the prices for a Kind Size Deluxe smoking room at the Ameristar Hotel on the dates I had previously researched.

I went ahead and threw in the October 13th date, just in case; but I am seriously hoping that she will pick either WED October 25th (only $126 if booked a month in advance), or THUR October 26th (only $143 if booked by SEP 26th) to reserve a room and plan a romantic evening that results in her being my sexy Barberette and shaving my head bald.

The kids are off school on the days following these nights; which means we can take advantage of the mid week room rates, and these are the cheapest room rates for the remainder of this year. It's also the last time we could schedule a mid week day off for this year. The next time we would be able to take off mid week, and get a room at a similar rate, would be MAR 8th of next year; and I'm guessing Karen wouldn't want to spend our anniversary night shaving my head in a hotel room. And that's another 7 months away.

As I mentioned in the title of this entry, the timing is perfect.
  • The cheapest rates available to us for the rest of this year.
  • I can still have long hair for Ren Faire.
  • I'll be getting my head shaved just days before Halloween, and I can start planning on a costume for a bald character.
  • When I stop having Karen shave my head in January, I'll have almost two years to grow my hair back before my 30 year HS reunion (that is if I decide to grow it back out long).
  • Karen will be smoke free again before Spring of next year.
  • If I don't grow it out long again, I'll have just enough growth to make getting a Summer Buzz cut, or high-n-tight, a fun trip to the barber shop.

    According to twitter, Karen read my messages this morning. Now, to try to be patient and await her answer.
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