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No more Thursdays - Summer Vacation is Over.

So, I've spent the entire Summer waiting for Karen to decide when she wants to get us a room at the Ameristar Hotel and plan a sexy night to give me an erotic haircut and then shave my head. Although I still very much like my long hair, I want Karen to quit smoking again, and I would like for her to be my Fantasy Barberette again before she gives up the habit for good.

The cost of the hotel room has seemed to be a sticking point with her; so several months ago, I began suggesting that we pick a Thursday night to go stay at the hotel, and schedule a day off of work on Friday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the two cheapest days of the week, with the price of a Deluxe King Bed Smoking room dropping to between $149 to $169 for the night. And, if you reserve the room at least a month in advance, the cost drops another $20 off of that price.

With the kids out of school, and both of their grandmas available to watch them for an evening, this is a great way for us to spend a romantic and erotic night at the Ameristar hotel, and for Karen to finally be my sexy Barberette. I had hoped she would cut it back in June, keep me shaved for the Summer, then she would quit smoking by the time Fall came around and I would start growing out some hair during the colder months.

(I plan on growing my hair back out long again, once she and I are done with two or three months of playing barberette. But who knows, once Spring rolls around, I might just have her buzz it off for the Summer anyway. Short for the Summers, and Long for the Winters. IDK)

Why the Ameristar? Because their rooms have a huge marble bathroom, with a full walled mirror over the double sinks, and a separate living room area off to the side of the bed and sleeping area. The perfect location and set up for photographing and taking video of Karen cutting my long hair off and shaving my head; followed by some photo shoots of her in her various sexy LRV outfits.

Well, tonight was the last Thursday before school start back up. So our options of when we could take advantage of the cheaper nights at the hotel just shrank to a handful of nights for the remainder of the year. There are a few dates in October, where the kids are off school on a Thursday or Friday, that we could look at. Bot otherwise, there's not many opportunities until after the first of the new year. Here we are in mid August, and I had hoped she would be getting ready to quit smoking by this point in the year.

Had she acted on my first request for her to cut my hair and quit (last year), she would have already been smoke free for almost a year at this point. I'm not sure she wants to quit, and maybe she's dragging this out on purpose. I honestly don't know. I haven't asked her, or pinned her down on the subject, because I don't want to get into an argument about it.

If she changes her mind anytime soon, the kids are out of school on OCTOBER 26th & 27th, so here are our options for the next opportunity to get a room at the Ameristar and have a fun night cutting my hair and shaving my head.

(PS: The kids are also out of School Friday OCT 13th - So Thursday night, OCT 12th is an option at the Thursday rate as well.)

Bubbie, Please be my barberette and shave my head.
Please start planning to quit smoking, again. I truly want to help you quit.

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