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Never good enough...

You couldn't just say,...
"Putle. When you get a chance, would you please change the litter box?"
Or even,...
"I've been doing laundry all day, and the litter box is really bothering me. Could you change it, please?"

Those statements would have been just too easy to make, and wouldn't have satisfied your need to find some way to cut me down; to let me know that I have disappointed you, and/or failed to meet your needs and approval in some way.

Never mind the fact that I had already hobbled up and down the stairs half a dozen times to feed the dogs, give the dogs water, get clothes off of the line, and take out a dog food sized bag of trash from the basement. Or that I had taken time to empty old or spoiled items out of the fridge before taking out the trash from the kitchen.

And yet, while walking on my broken foot, I still managed to take two trash bins down to the street for pick up.

Never mind that in trying to make certain that I get as much out in the trash as I possibly could, I ended up arriving to work and clocking in a minute LATE... Clocking in LITERALLY, as I watched the time clock click over from 08:30 to 08:31, right before my eyes; because it took me nearly 4 minutes to limp across the parking lot, after parking my car in the nearest spot I could find.

But I don't expect anything else. I no longer anticipate that you will see any of the good, or helpful, things that I do or accomplish. I simply wait to hear the next episode of how I have once again disappointed you, or let you down.

So,... YES! I FAILED YOU. Again...

I did not get around to taking out the kitty litter (for YOUR cat) when I took out the trash on Wednesday.

You know. I'm not sure which hurts more. My broken foot, or my broken spirit.
I'm sure me saying that will disappoint you in some way as well; and that you will be sure to let me know it.
Tags: disappointed, failure, karen, marriage, relationships, toxic communication
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