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Aunt Flo is going to the Pool Party

In spite of the fact that she wasn't due to arrive until at least today or tomorrow, Karen has been concerned that Aunt Flo had not yet shown up for this month.

for the past half year, Karen's cycle has been thrown off quite a bit, with every other month's visit arriving nearly a week ahead of her normal cycle time.

For the past several yeas, Karen's visits from Aunt Flo have been vary predictable, with one month typically arriving within 24 hours of a perfect 28 days, and the next month arriving at an averaged 30 days (one full calendar month). But, ever since Delaney started receiving her own visits from Aunt Flo, one of Karen's ovaries has started dropping a visitor on a much shorter schedule.

This variance of the shorter ovary frequently has Karen worrying that she is "late" every other month, because she starts calculating a 28 day count down from the date of the shorter ovary cycle. I guess it's a good thing that I track her cycle better than she does.

Karen went to dinner with the girls last night, and apparently was telling them that she was 9 days late. She's had herself so worked up about it that she hasn't slept well for the past several nights. The girls even talked her into taking a pregnancy test; which obvioulsy came back negative.

With Aunt Flo arriving today, she is actually one day early. Or, as I mentioned earlier, within 24 hours ahead of or behind her normal cycle.

It's a shame that Aunt Flo had to show up on the exact day that we are attending rob and Cindy's annual pool party, but she was on schedule by being here today or tomorrow.
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