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Only 4 more Thursdays till school starts.

Just putting that out there, in case you have been paying attention to anything that I do or say these days. Although, after 5 years of me saying and asking the same things over and over, I seriously doubt it.

In fact, I was just looking at the Fall calendar the other day, and realized that Ren Faire is coming up the last weekend of September, and the first couple of weekends in October. I haven't taken the kids since we went to Pirate Fest back in the Fall of 2011 (right after I cut my long hair off the last time).

Since you haven't said anything about my hair, I guess I'll see about dressing up as a Barbarian or game of Thrones style warrior and take the kids this year. I'm sure Aaron will be going every weekend, we'll just tag along. Maybe that weekend that you and the girls are in NY.

or, as I mentioned above, there are still 4 more Thursdays till school starts. Ameristar prices mid week are still $179 ($209 after taxes and fees).

If it would mean that you would be serious about quitting smoking again, I'd prefer that you just go ahead and shave my head now. I'm tired of waiting, and tired of worrying about you smoking.


That is all.
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