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10 years as of Next Month (Shave Me Please)

July 14th will be the 10 year anniversary of the last time that Karen sat me down for a major haircut, and shaved my head bald.

It was such a fun day, and she made a good show for me to record and watch over and over again. It was also the first dramatic haircut Karen had given me since the Summer of 2003; right after we were married.
That video is still one of my all time favorite haircuts to watch her give me. So sexy, and so fun.

At the time, my hair wasn't nearly as long as it is now (after she cut my long hair in May & June of 2003, I wouldn't end up starting to grow my hair out long again until the latter half of 2008), but I had been growing it out for about 6 and a half months. Long enough that it was much more than just a trim or a touch-up shaving. There was major lengths of hair sliding down the cape, and tumbling to the floor, as the buzzing clippers passed over my head, mowing strip after strip.

We made a whole day out of the event. The kids went to Grandma's house, after we got home from watching one of Alex Jone's t-ball games. So Karen and I had the whole house to ourselves.

While I set up the basement to be our makeshift barber shop, and set up the cameras to video the occasion, Karen took the time to do her hair and makeup to look extra hot-n-sexy for my haircut. When she was done, she slipped into a vinyl dress (a black pvc vinyl ball gown, with built in corset), and a pair of black patent leather high heels, and came downstairs to join me.

I remember watching her light up a VS120 cigarette, and posing for a few photos. Then she looked at me and said, "Now get your ass over here, and sit in this chair. You need your head shaved."

After a bit of banter, and playing with my hair, she placed the cigarette between her dark red lips, and reached for the nylon hair cape. She held it there, between her lips, while she flew the cape around me, and fastened it in the back; taking a long drag and blowing smoke into the air as she examined the cape to make sure it was secured nice and snug around my neck.

With the cigarette between the fingers of her left hand, she picked up the clippers with her right and flipped the switch. The clippers popped to life, with a low buzzing hum. Every nerve in my body felt like lightning was coursing from head to toe, and I was instantly intoxicated with the adrenaline flooding my veins.

"Are you sure you eant to do this?" she asked while waving the clippers above my head. All I could do was nod a yes.

She held the top of my head with her left hand; still holding the long, white cigarette, between her beautiful soft fingers. Her nails a sexy gloss red.

Then she raised the clippers to the right side of my head, just in front of my ear, and plunged the hungry blades into my hairline.
The sound, as the clippers bit into my hair, was like sweet music. Buzzzzzz. And the vibration against my scalp made me jump just a slight bit, and my whole body tensed up with pleasure from the sensation.

I knew it was all in my head, but the vibration of those clippers, as they sheard my hair away, and left a stark white path of stubble coveted bare skin in their wake, made my groin vibrate and pulse with pleasure. The pressure that began building up was at the same time wondrous and almost unbearable. I wanted to touch myself, or be touched; but my sexy barberette had a strict policy of making me keep my hand above the haircape. She would always remind me that it was her job to give me release and pleasure, when the time was right.

The clippers felt so good. Like a sensual massage of some of the most sensitive parts of my body (my scalp, the back of my neck, and behind my ears); that up till this moment had been hidden by so much hair.

First she gave me a mohawk. Then slowly scissored even that away, before removing the last of my hair with trimming clippers. Finally, she lathered my head and shaved me completely bald.

"All smooth, all bald," she would say, as she wiped away the last remnants of shaving cream before blowing warm smoke across my wet, naked, head.

Then, her warm lips kissed my head. I was bald. Naked, and vulnerable. And all under the loving guidance and actions of her sexy, sensual touch.

I didn't tell her at the time, but I came in my shorts as she kissed and massaged my freshly shaved head that day. The smell of the smoke, the softness of her lips, and how sensitive a newly shaven head is as it it touched for the first time after losing the hair.... It is an amazing feeling, and the lightning impulse of pleasure shot from my scalp to my erection. Without even being touched, the pressure was too great to be held back.

I miss having Karen be my sexy barberette. I miss the feel of the clippers moving across my head as she shears my hair off.

Thats a feeling I haven't felt on any part of my head (other than my neck line) for just over 5 years now. And that's not due to any lack of me wanting or asking (i.e. begging) for Karen to give me another sexy haircut.

Maybe that will change soon. July 14th, 2017 (the 10 year anniversary of my last shearing by my barberette) is on a Friday this year.

Karen, will you PLEASE plan a special "Date Night" for Friday July 14th, and shave my head bald again... 10 years to the day,
from our last haircut adventure?

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