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On this Day: Filling the Pool - June 28, 2012

With the promise of receiving a Summer's worth of sexy, erotic, haircuts,.. and sensual lathered head shaves, from my Gorgeous Wife; I wasted no time in getting the ground prepped, and the pool installed. My part of the bargain was fulfilled within 48 hours of making our deal.

As the pool filled with water, that evening, I started counting down the days. Eagerly anticipating the sound of the buzzing clippers mowing a path down the middle of my head as I received my Summer shearing.

I informed Karen that I had purchased a new latex rubber dress for her to wear while cutting my hair, and that as soon as it arrived, I was ready for her to fulfill her portion of the bargain.

Ground preparations completed, it's time to start filling the new pool with 1,700+ gal. of water.

Just in time for the 108°F weather today.

Posted by Dwight Mullen on Thursday, June 28, 2012

My TWEETS from that Day:

    • Thu, 18:05: Photo: Filling the new pool, on the hottest day of the year (so far). It’s over 108°F outside right now. http://t.co/beFRlutY

    • Thu, 21:07: The pool is up. A latex rubber dress has been ordered. We shall soon begin a 3 month long love-a-palooza in the house of the wayward libido.

    • Fri, 11:55: We're on our way to another day with temps over 100�F. Looks like we got the pool up and ready just in time for a SIZZLING HOT Summer.

    I Can't wait to smell Karen's warm, smokey, breath, as she blows her smoke across my bare wet scalp. And I shiver at the thought of feeling the tug of the razor as she scrapes the stubble filled shaving cream from my head. It has been almost 5 years since my wife last gave me a haircut, and shaved my head.

    I'm so excited to have her shave me bald again.
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