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5 LONG Years - and still waiting.

5 Years ago, today, Karen made a promise to be my fantasy barberette; by giving me an erotic haircut, and then shave my head bald. The deal was also that we would have weekly encounters, where she would keep me shaved smooth for the rest of that Summer. (3 whole months)



It is now 1,825 Days later, and I'm still waiting for the love of my life to decide when she will finally fulfill her promise.

The difference now, is that I have 5 years worth of hair grown out on my head.
In 2012, I only had two months worth of hair grown out from having gotten a high-n-tight crew cut. Now, I have over two feet of hair, that I wear in a ponytail most of the time.

The stakes on both sides are quite a bit higher now. I have a lot more hair to lose. Hair that is a huge part of me, who I am, and is at the core of my identity. She really needs to quit smoking again; meaning this would be the last time for her to fulfill this particular barberette fantasy. So, I want the first haircut/shave to be something equally unique and special; and not just a quick home haircut. The setting and atmosphere need to be extra special.

But it's much more than just a fantasy (or hair fetish) waiting to be fulfilled. It is an exercise of total vulnerability and trust. The most naked and exposed that I could possibly be, and all in the hands of her tender loving care. It is the ultimate intimate moment that I could possibly give of myself to the woman I love. To be stripped of my security blanked, and left bald and naked before my wife.

That very reason is why it was so important for me to give my long hair to Karen right after we were married in 2003. And was the basis for why I so desperately wanted to give it to her again in 2011 & 2012; at a time when the levels of intimacy in our relationship felt so low.

Karen, PLEASE Read..... (At least as far back as Fall of 2015)

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