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365 Days Non-Blonde

Today marks exactly one year since I colored Karen's long sexy hair Intense Dark Red, and sadly had to say goodbye to her GORGEOUS platinum blonde locks.

It has also been 1 year and 4 months sonce I left the letter out in the garage asking her to please shave my head, and letting her know I really want her to quit smoking again.
(I honestly thought I was going to get shaved as a birthday present last year, but it never happened.)

Karen had a bad itch to do something different with her hair, and the blonde that she had at the time was too pale against her skin tones.

She started talking about dying it dark & cutting all of her beautiful long hair off short; so when she offered just dying it red as an alternative to chopping it all off, I jumped at the option that was the least destructive to her long sexy silky tresses.

I LOVE the red hair on her (especially the bolder, intense dark red), but I really do miss the blonde. Strange, for someone who up until just two years ago had absolutely no attraction to blondes.

I miss our trips to the salon, to have her roots touched up. Spending time together, and seeing her hair covered in the bleach and blonde toner. The tin foil folded and fastened in her hair for highlights.
Most of all, I miss the GIFT that she gave to me when she first went blonde, and then again when she went platinum (Valentine's Day). It was so much more than just a hair color; she was doing something specifically for me, and giving an important part of her physical identity over to me just to make me happy. It was the most amazing gift of herself that I think she has ever given (other than our children) with no strings attached. That meant more to me than all the sex in the world, and made me want and cherish her all the more.

Yeah, it might have cost quite a bit to maintain the upkeep;... but as GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL as those long, soft, golden locks look surrounding her face and gorgeous head... And knowing that she was doing it all just for me... It was worth every penny that it cost me to take her to the salon every 6 weeks or so. I'd give every red cent I own to have that back again.

I'd do anything to have Karen go blonde again.

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Plus,... I still would REALLY love for her to be my sexy blonde barberette, when she finally decides to cut off my long hair, and shave my head bald. (I honestly don't know what's stopping her)

I'm ready and willing whenever she is.

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