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I want a Summer Haircut - PLEASE shave me BALD

One month from today is Father's Day. In case you are wondering what to get me, I'll help make that an easy decision.

I would like for you to get us a "Deluxe King Bed Suite - (smoking)" at the Ameristar St. Charles Hotel.

Once we have checked in, and settled into our room, I would like for you to wear some of your sexy outfits and give me a series of shorter and shorter haircuts, crewcuts & buzz cuts, until my hair is short enough that you can lather me up and shave my head bald.

It's cheaper mid-week.

We could check in on a Thursday night, and schedule off work on that Friday. Or even check in on Sunday night and take off work on Monday. Any day of the week works while the kids are out of school.

Right now, weekday room rates are averaging about $149 per night. Next month, the rates will go up for the Summer months, and will range between $169 - $189 for Sunday through Thursdays. (After June 1st, it won't go back to the $139 - $149 prices until October 1st)

If it is the cost that has been keeping you from fulfilling my requests to have you shave my head, I'll gladly give you the money for the hotel room up front.

So, what do you say? Wanna give me a Summer Haircut?

I'm looking forward to feeling the vibration of the clippers on my head, and the tug of the razor as you drag it through the shaving cream lathered on my head. The smell of your smoke as you blow it in my face, or across the still pink and wet skin of my freshly shaved head.

If there is some other reason why you still don't want to shave my head bald, I would ask that you PLEASE let me know.

I have been waiting for you to be my barberette for quite a long time now; and I don't understand why you keep putting it off.

I know you often say that you are ready to quit smoking again, and only continue to do so because of me; but even when I offer every opportunity for you to do this thing for me, and to have me help you quit... you still don't take any action.

I'm confused, here. Am I really the reason that you keep smoking, or a convenient excuse not to quit?

Don't get me wrong. Watching you smoke is still a huge turn on, and SUPER sexy. Every time you light up, I become putty in your hands. I'd do anything you ask of me in that moment. When I see that first stream of smoke blow from your lips, I just want to hand you the scissors, and beg you to start cutting...

I'm not trying to tell you what to do. If you want to smoke (and I know that a part of you likes it just as much as you hate it), that's ultimately your decision.

But, even I think it's time for you to quit.
If my input counts for anything at all; I'm asking you, begging, you to quit smoking again. Please.

Be my barberette, and it will be even easier for me to help you do that. In fact, if you will fulfill my barberette fantasy, I will insist you quit.

So, if you're on the fence about it, for whatever reason, please help make me the driving force that will nag you to quit.
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