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I have come to loathe the month of June

I went back to work, for the first time in a week, this morning, and was instantly reminded that the month of June has once again rolled around.

As they have done for the past several years, my place of employment has raised the flag of Bigotry, Intolerance, and Hate; hanging it on the flagpole directly below the Missouri state flag.
The LGBT community has designated the month of June as pride month, and companies (like the one I work for) that are caught up in the lie of trying to promote tolerance and diversity are flying the rainbow flag for the entire month.

Never mind that it is a stolen religious symbol. never mind that the meaning of that flag is offensive to a large portion of their employees. Never mind that the group, that once claimed that flag was a symbol of their attempt to seek tolerance and love, has become the single largest hate group in America. Those calling for tolerance (members and "allies" of the LGBT community) have become the most intolerant segment of our society, to the point of practicing open social and political bigotry and fascism.

Bigotry: noun, "Intolerance towards those that hold different opinions from oneself."

Fascist/Facism: noun, "A way of organizing society in a way in which a group of persons (or government) controls the lives and beliefs of a people, and in which others are not allowed to disagree with the beliefs and actions of that group."

It is truly SAD.

I live by a policy to treat EVERY human being with love and respect.

Every person is a creation of God, and every person is a sinner that needs His grace and redemption (myself included). But treating every person with love and respect does not mean that I have to accept their ideology, or their lifestyle. I would never presume to know the ultimate fate of a person's soul, but I know that we are all going to be judged according to our sins and whether or not we atoned for those sins.

Tolerating a person's differences does not mean that I have to accept those differences as being OK. I cannot look at another person's sin and tell them that it's OK to continue in that sin just because society has decided to say it's normal. True love of a person means that I pray for them, and that I hope they turn from their sin and seek God. their sin is no less, or no worse, than my own; and thus Jesus commands that I show love for my fellow man/woman.

If I then choose to socially accept, or enable (become an ally) that person in their sin, then I am as guilty of their sin as they are. Showing "love" in this way is in fact an act of apathy (at best), and in knowing the convictions of the scriptures it borders on hate.

If I truly love that person, I have to remain steadfast in my convictions and belief in scriptures. I must pray for them. I must not accept their sin as "normal" (no more than I would accept my own sexual sins, or any sin, as normal).

But... Those who have moral convictions contrary to a homosexual lifestyle are branded with the lazy, and inaccurate, term "homophobia." Because if you can attach a false label to those that oppose you, it makes you feel superior to that person. You know, the same tactic used by junior high bullies, when they want to gain support in their attempt to denigrate and pick on the kid that they feel inferior to. And, unfortunately, the majority of people in our society are to ignorant, weak, or morally bereft to stand up to these intolerant tactics.

All of these things carried out under the shadow of the rainbow flag.


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