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My tweets - Mr Fixit puts up a new clothes line

  • Thu, 21:03: Stage 1 of cleaning the laundry room = ✅. Hung a longer clothes bar & cleaned up the floor beneath the drying rack. Still much more to do. 🔨

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The new clothes line adds about 3 feet more hanging space, than what the old bar provided; and is much more secure. The old bar was way over stressed, and the lines hanging from the ceiling were stretched, and showing their strain. This line is now about the same size as the bar hanging over the washer and dryer (opposite wall).

For this bar, I used sturdy para cord, rated at 550 lbs per cord. Each of the four places where the bar is hung from the ceiling has 4 para cord lines distributing the weight along their length, and I wrapped the top and bottom to ensure that the weight distribution remained evenly distributed. This is a case where the bar would fail abd break long before the support lines ever will.

While this definitely adds some much needed hanging space for the clothes that we hang in the laundry room (Karen and I tend to use the laundry room like a walk in closet), it also presents an opportunity to spread the clothes that were already there out enough to go through them and determine what needs to be kept, and what can be taken down and donated. Some of those shirts haven't been worn in a year or more. Some because I couldn't find them, andothers because I no longer prefer to wear them.

Additionally, once we have a chance to go through all of the clothes, we can get back into the habit of using this line for shirts, and the line over the washer and dryer for pants, skirts, and my items that require air drying.
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