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Two Weeks till New York (Karen's Birthday Trip)

Two weeks from today, Karen and I will be leaving for our trip to New York.

We have our flights and hotel booked, and we have out itinerary of daily locations and events outlined. The only thing left to do is purchase any advanced ticket items that we may wish to book specific times for on any specific dates.

Certain items will have specific days and times; but, at the same time, I don't want to so schedule things so rigidly that we have no time to explore or actually enjoy our time there. So no more than one major location will be scheduled for each of the 5 full days that we are there that week. If we have extra time in each day, to fit other locations and sights around our main list locations, then we can decide what and how much of those to do at that time.

Next Weekend is Karen's actual birthday weekend, but Jack and I will be gone most of the weekend on a Boy Scout Camping trip. Karen and Delaney also have a Girl Scout outing for that Saturday as well. It's Karen's 44th (Farty Farth) birthday.

Next weekend's activities work out just fine anyhow.

I've got plans in the works for Karen and I to spend a special evening with the Kids on Friday the 26th; before we head off for an entire week away from them. We will all celebrate Mommy's birthday together; and if we have enough time, we might even catch a later (9 or 10 PM) movie together after dinner.

That night is going to be really cool. But I'm not going into details here just in case the person that claims they never read my journal might decide to do so within the next two weeks. The date is reserved on our wall calendar, so it's not any super secret surprise that we are doing something that night..... But I've got some neat little things in the works that will make it really neat.

LOVE YOU, Bubbie Bee!

then, we will have all day Saturday to spend with the kids, finish any packing that we might still need to do, and rest up before our trip the next afternoon.

So Excited!!!!!!!!
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