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Should we make it a two day Vacation

So, we both just scheduled off from work to go to Delaney's award ceremony, and then have the rest of the afternoon to spend together.

It's really not the best timing, especially since we leave for NY, NY that very next weekend, but... What are your thoughts on making it a two day vacation, and spending the night at the Ameristar Hotel? Because it is mid-week, we can get the room at half off regular price.

The 23rd is the last day of school, we could drop the kids off at my mom's before going to check in.

You shouldn't keep smoking as much as you do. I've seen you go out to the garage as much as three time in the morning just before I wake up, and you are up to a full pack a day (if not more). You promised you would cut back, but if you can't cut back I want to help you quit.

So, unless you have plans or ideas to do it some other time, I'd like for you to consider cutting all of my long hair off, and shaving my head bald that night.

In light of recent discussions about getting your hair done at the salon, I would also very much LOVE it if you would PLEASE be my BLONDE barberette.

We can pack up a bunch of your sexy LRV outfits, a pack of VS120's, all of the clippers & trimmers that I have, some shaving cream and a handful of MACH 3 razors. And just to make things interesting, we can add in a few toys and a couple of 6 packs of Smirnoff ICE Red, White & Berry (and some beer), and get tipsy before we starting cutting my hair.

Just a thought..... ?

Ameristar King Smoking Room Cut My Hair Off Here
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