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Ursasolus Tweets - Flashback (2006)

  • Mon, 16:59: Glanced up at a photo on my cube's wall, & realized that I'm wearing those same glasses right now. BTW who is that… https://t.co/FXCe1bWmuH

  • I wonder what your hair would look like cut in that hairstyle, or a very similar spiky cropped hairstyle, as a sexy BLONDE? Guess we'll never know. Or, maybe.... What do you think? Maybe someday, huh?

    As for right now. Your long hair drives me insanely wild. But I have to admit I'd literally do ANYTHING to see your hair blonde again. (But a darker blonde this time) I know this is the time of year that you get an itch to switch things up. I'd love to have you be my blonde barberette when you give me a haircut.

    Speaking of which... Any plans to give me a haircut anytime soon?
    Summer is coming up. I wouldn't mind at all if you'd like to give me a nice, short, buzz cut. Or better yet, how about a smooth, shaved head?

    I hope my new glasses come in soon. I never realized just how goofy/nerdy these (as in the ones on my face, and in that photo) looked on me. Especially with my shaved head. I'm not looking so bad right now; but when this longhair comes off, I'm going to need something better than those on my face.

    BTW... I know I can't tell what color it was from a B&W photocopy of a photo, but LOVE that sexy lipstick on you. Your lips look so amazing with color on them. Just want to kiss them forever and eat you up.

I know I come across as joking a lot of the time, or maybe you're not sure if I'm serious.

I really would like for you to shave my head, and plan to quit smoking soon. Just throwing that out there...
Tags: bald, barberette, blonde, blonde hair, haircut, karen, karens hair, shave me, twitter, ursasolus
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