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  • Mon, 12:49: Really, #tacobell ? This is the most pathetic taco salad ever. I was in drive-thru. Had I seen this, I would have a… https://t.co/olEtsYjmIb
  • Mon, 16:15: Why is it "A penny for your thoughts," but then you have to "put your two cents in?" Who gets the other penny? https://t.co/5VZjeM8vtx
  • Tue, 09:58: Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining, I'm having an awesome hair day (the ladies have asked me to leave it down 😎), &… https://t.co/gBObdZSO2i

  • My hair is my BEST physical feature, and pretty much the only thing I like about myself in terms of how I look. Even on a bad hair day, it doesn't have wrinkles, it's not fat, it's not sore or tired looking; and worst case scenario, I can always pull it back into a ponytail. Even greasy, I can usually pull off the slicked back look.

    It also doesn't hurt that my long hair is the one thing about me that gets attention from members of the opposite sex. And... Unfortunately, sometimes even from members of my own sex. Men and women often tell me how jealous they are of my hair, or wish they could have hair like mine, get theirs to look like mine does, etc...

    There are ladies that flirt with me because my hair makes me look like the "bad boy" they think they want, but they know that I'm really the nice guy underneath. I don;t even mind that most of those ladies are in the 40 to 60 year old range. (If I weren't the faithful/monogamous type, my hair would get me serious sex on a regular basis)
    I know that my days of getting serious flirts from the younger ladies are long gone. But in those rare and few moments when they do... it's because they see me as the rebellious older guy with the long hair. Thankfully, my mind immediately reminds me that I'm old enough to be their father, and I take it for the fleeting compliment that it is.

    As I said. My hair is my best physical feature. It is also often the source of my self confidence. It is the physical feature that makes others remember my face (instead of me just always being a forgotten face in the crowd). When I go places, people remember my face, and know me by name; not because I am all that memorable of a person, but because they remember the guy with the great hair (long hair/ponytail).
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