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Ursasolus Tweets - PLEASE be My Barberette

  • Wed, 14:50: I'm really looking forward to our Story Time tonight. Are you still thinking about if you might act out one of these stories sometime soon?… https://t.co/3VmIkRqYX0
  • Wed, 15:07: Even as SEXY as it is to watch, you can't keep 🚬 the way that you are. It's time to start planning to quit. Will you be my barberette? 👸🚬💄✂💈 https://t.co/our2DUgiKE

  • Just 9 days ago, you let me lighten your hair (or at least we tried to); and although it didn't quite come out quite like the color on the box, I'd like to take you to the salon to get it closer to the "bronde" (blonde with dark blonde and light brown underneath) that you said you wouldn't mind having your hair back to again.

    I would really LOVE it if you would be my blonde barberette when you cut my hair off.

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