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My tweets - The Good Puppers (Scout Patrol)

I was really proud of Jack yesterday evening. As has beenthe case all too often, the patrol Leader for the "Good Puppers" (slang, for The Cool Guys) patrol was not present at the meeting; which was kind of sad since this was a Court of Honor Ceremony (and the Troop's 5 Year Founding Anniversary Dinner as well).

Jack is the elected Assistant Patrol Leader, and he stepped right up into his role and led his team up on stage to introduce themselves and perform their "Patrol Yell." Which could use a little more work, or enthusiasm, if you ask me.

he is really starting to come out of his shell, socially. I just wish he would get a little more enthusiastic and serious about working on rank advancement and Eagle required merit badges.

He won't admit it to you, and maybe he just doesn't really see it, but Scouting has done a lot for Jack. There are things he has learned, and adventures he has shared, that a lot of other boys his age have not had an opportunity to experience.

I know I don't tell him enough, but I really am proud of him. And I love him more than life itself.
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