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Shave Me as Smooth as an Easter Egg

Hi, Bubbie.

I’m hoping that if you are reading this, it is because you followed the link that I TWEET PM’d to you. In fact, I’m fairly certain that if you are reading this, that would be the exact reason why; since you don’t ever take the time to visit my journal otherwise. And since I know you do look at all of my tweets and Instagram posts (I’ve noticed that you get a notification every time that I tweet or post something to those two social media sites), I figured that linking back to here would be the only way to guarantee that you would come read this entry.

I would like for you to cut my hair off. I am asking you to please be my Barberette, and shave my head bald; because I want to help you quit smoking again.

I've been asking, and pleading, with you to share this fantasy with me and shave my head bald for over 5 years now; and it seems like there is always some issue between us (or you shutting me out) that prevents it from happening.

Well, now I have an extra reason to want to cut my hair. You say you are tired of smoking, yet you keep doing it. I've told you (and have been saying it frequently since the beginning of last year) that I really am ready for you to cut my hair, and that I also want to help you quit smoking again. You can't just keep smoking forever (well, I guess there's nothing I could do to force you to stop smoking). So, I'm asking you to please be my barberette, so that very soon, or at least b6 the time the Summer is done, you can finally be smoke free for good. And, this time, I PROMISE you won't have me as a reason, or excuse, to keep smoking.

I want you to shave me bald for Easter.

We have a great opportunity to get a room at the Ameristar for only $150 this next Sunday. (The next time that we will have an open schedule to drop the kids off, and get a room at this price, is not until sometime in June)

The kids are off school both Friday and the following Monday. We could ask my mom to take the kids home with her from Steve’s house Easter Sunday, and the two of us would leave from there and go straight to the hotel. Your mom could pick Jack up for their day of shopping from my mom’s house, and we could pick Dini up after we check out at noon on Monday. All we have to do is schedule a vacation day for next Monday, and we’re all set.

I’ll book and pay for the room, pack everything that we need for that night into a bag, and it can be in the back of the ACADIA ready to go.

Let me know if you think this is a good idea, and we can chat about the details.

Love you,
Pute Pute.
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