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Ursasolus Tweets - Wanna Try it Again! (?)

  • Fri, 13:50: I would ❤ to get my hair ✂ like this for you, if I knew you would truly adore it. https://t.co/A9sfuIXH85

  • One thing I noticed when I looked at this entry from 5 years ago... Of all the comments and 👍's that this pic got back then, none were from you. Not a one.

    This was months after the day I cut off my ponytail. I got my hair buzzed off into a high-n-tight on March 19th, because I wanted to impress you. You were even kind enough to film Christina buzzing it for me.

    Then again, on April 21st, I got it buzzed even shorter than the first time; hoping you would take notice and like it. rub your hands across the short bristle of my buzz, and scratch the sensitive stubble on the sides of my head with your long, sexy, fingernails.

    I just wanted you to notice. I wanted you to pay attention to me, to care that I wanted to look a certain way, because I knew you would like it (Or, so I thought)

    But, you never did. You didn't care. So, I grew it back out.
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