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Ursasolus Tweets - A Change on the Lighter Side?

  • Mon, 15:45: I know youve been wanting to switch up to something different than Intense Dark Red. Instead of going darker, what about a lighter "bronde?"https://t.co/kw07mIXbzY

I LOVE Karen's Intense Dark Red hair. Especially for the first couple of weeks just after it is dyed red. I think it is probably my all time favorite red color, and I love red hair.

With that said. I would love to see Karen's hair BLONDE again.

I understand why she got tired and fed up with the Light Ash Blonde (almost platinum, on her virgin - never dyed before - hair). It got to the point that it was just too light, and made her feel washed out. By the time we hit last June, parts of her hair almost looked white in some lighting.

But I would love to see the darker, golden or beige Blonde that she had for a while in the beginning. I would love to see her hair a sexy "bronde" (Brown - Blonde). I'm thinking that this is the time of year when she starts to get an itch to do something different, maybe it wouldn't hurt to ask.

It's such a very beautiful color and look on her.

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