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  • Sun, 16:04: This red beast and I have tackled my yard for going on 15 years now. Gas, music, ear buds = ✅. Time to mow for the… https://t.co/htpfOeXV2b

Karen, and I, bought this lawn mower the very first Spring after we moved into our home.

I don't remember the exact date, but I believe that it was around April of 2003. We had moved into our house during the winter (just before Christmas), and the cold of the season did not let up until after the first of Spring. There had even been snow and ice storms nearly every weekend, leading up to our wedding day on march 8th.

So, when the weather finally warmed up, and the grass and trees began to grow; we headed over to Home Depot and bought our first lawn and garden item.

I've been mowing our yard with this beast ever since.

NOTES: The bag catch that hung on the back was way too small to do more than a few swipes back and forth in our large back yard; and it ended up breaking by the end of that first Summer. The side grass throw has been missing since I un-boxed the dang thing. I'm still not convinced it was ever even there. So, the side grass throw door is help open by a zip tie that loops around the base stem of the oil cap.
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